1. General Details

    Every enterpriser is well aware of the importance of good flooring. Once laid, it is difficult to change. Moreover, dry, humid, or wet spaces each have their own demands, with regards to atmosphere as well as function. So, it’s best to have the specialists of TFD Floor Tile in Dalfsen taking care of it.

    Ever since 1989, Rob Toonen has been working with floors for specialised use, and he can rightly be called a pre-eminent flooring-expert. He’s present at exhibitions at home and abroad and this way he keeps up with the latest trends and products. Developments in this field are enormous!

    We have developed a wide scope of products, with beautiful natural designs, varying from wood to marble (with antiskid) to floors with mosaic designs. We offer the marble stone series, the tapestry series, and the embossed wooden series. All have a PU coating to make them extra hard-wearing and each series comes in a number of variations. This way TFD Floor Tile will be able to meet all your special request.

    Come and visit our Dalfsen showroom and you will immediately experience the warm atmosphere and see at a glance all the possibilities. Are you planning to redecorate or built anew, a visit to Dalfsen will open a new world to you.


  2. Pricelist